TAP at Sunday School – How are we connected to nature?

July 11, 2010 at 2:12 PM Leave a comment

Ran this with Leslie doing the links to church and bible readings. Timothy, Acts and Psalms – TAP 🙂 She had done ALL the leg work of resourcing it and makes it so easy for me to just drop in to the structure she’s already set up. Plus she provides 66% of the attendees herself this morning – her sons Eli and Matthew. Plus we had a 4 year-old who’s mom I still need to contact to see if it’s okay for him and his pic to be in this blog.

The boys were very high energy, not one bit interested in sitting down and having a nice chat and coloring a worksheet. So we took it outside with just ONE question at a time: Where is your favorite place? Trees! Climbing trees especially.

Eli and Matthew in an Olive Tree

So how are we connected with trees? Surprising depth of knowledge by Eli – photosynthesis for air. Matthew knew about wood. Then onward to the olive grove and more 5.4- 5.9 climbing, olives for food and oil. Eli pointed out that plants make sugar. So that’ was the clue for our next destination on the fly – the church kitchen and the after-service goodies where we bent most sacrosanct law of our church – Thou shalt not eat the fellowship snacks ahead of time!  We each ate a sugar sachet to remind us of that link to nature then kids had to tell me how, exactly, the cookies are connected to nature… what are cookies made from? Where do eggs come from? Flour? Chocolate? Shh, then ate one each.

And finally into the kitchen where we considered metals (from ore) and cotton pinafores, here fetchingly modeled by Eli:

Then played ‘stump me’ – find something that DOESN’T come from nature. Numbers on the microwave, and the microwaves themselves. Pretty cool, never thought of those myself.

Back in the Sunday school room, Matthew thought we should have a picture of the world and time running out:

Wow, really different experience from teaching school. Had to be much more flexible, come up with modifications on the fly, going with what the children are interested in and doing. Gives me ideas for how to make it high energy for the class room too. Also how much they already know, so my role is as much about helping to organize knowledge rather than pour it into empty heads!

And the big learning: ONE idea at a time, ONE question or challenge at a time. Be super clear about what I want to achieve for each of the 4 sessions I’m helping Leslie to run.


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