First TAP Posters Coming in – the home stretch.

May 24, 2010 at 2:36 PM 1 comment

A journal says “Over the weekend we finished our TAP poster and I realized that the project wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be if you plan everything out.” Amen to that. Lots of others said they were done or nearly done and how proud they felt. Several came in early and act as reminders and inspiration because they look really good.

How do they feel about TAP right now? The thumbs up/thumbs down survey (very scientific) showed no one willing to admit they were panicking. Most with thumbs up, a few a bit stressed. One guy wrote “Me and ___ raised $13 selling lemonade and cookies. We stayed over 4 hours.” Ouch, but still acceptable. They said some people came back twice and seemed interested in their issue.

Two last minute tips: lay everything out BEFORE pasting it down. Don’t leave it til the night before because ‘a little more work’ can be a terrible underestimate.

Really good idea to have it due on a Friday and tweak them the Friday before – makes it less stressful I think. The vast majority seem really upbeat according to their journals, beginning to reach the point where they enjoyed the project.

Karen and I have planned to show videos for the three lessons where we will grade posters with the kids. This saves us having to write comments and makes sure the students hear our feedback. It’s tricky to give poor grades though, awful to hurt their feelings when they have worked hard. We tend to be very kind but do give verbal feedback for what they learn. I think we might have a deal where they can earn back half the points if they include an extra section saying what they learned from the grade…

We are moderating the posters right at the start to save having the awful aggravation by making adjustments later. With a public, high profile project like this, it’s really important to protect ourselves from angry kids and then parents. When we have had grading issues in the past, it has sometimes wrecked the project experience for the students involved, and their families. BUT of course we don’t want to be harassed into giving good grades for @%$@#$% work!

I’m in the green, Karen’s in the brown 🙂

Good thing we did too, our initial poster was off by more than 10% between our two gradings. Urg. It’s where the rubber really meets the road. What did we want them to go away with? What is a ‘pass’? What isn’t? What will we do with posters that have inaccurate information and missing bits?

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  • 1. Sue Boudreau  |  May 25, 2010 at 8:04 AM

    So we discussed how to deal with inaccurate, vague and incomplete sections of the posters. Our objective is for kids to show off what they DO know and to inform the public accurately. We will allow posters that earn a B- or below to redo sections to make up half the points they lost if they get it to us before Open House. If they don’t we may choose not to display their project.



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