TAP Practice Grading Posters

May 17, 2010 at 2:04 PM Leave a comment

A parent’s company is matching funds raised by her daughter for Heifer Project. Another got a little snippet about their project in the NGO’s newsletter. They are pretty happy about that. But someone else had an adult tell them that what they were doing was dumb.

Kids are reporting that they are starting or already well in to doing their posters. This is so way better than last year. So glad I’m checking in with them via the journals EVERY week and have the Achievement Board up and rolling by itself now.

We pulled out some different but good posters from last year for students to ‘be the teacher’ and grade them. They seem to like doing that. They are way more critical than I am.  Item to clarify: 11. Problems and Solutions is referring to the problems THEY had doing the project and the way they solved the problem (ex. Safeway wouldn’t let them do a bake sale on the day they showed up etc.), not the world problem.

They are really resisting the log book, still getting questions about if they EACH need to do one. (yes). Imagine some will be fabricated at the last minute.

Comments about the balance of pictures, graphics and text. It really highlighted the value of pictures and graphics to quickly convey information in an enrolling way. Several needed reminding that they already have lots of info from their powerpoints especially the requirement of data in graphic format.

Good to remind kids to print out and gather all pics, titles, sections, receipts etc. and lay it out BEFORE glueing stuff down. Nice to have it glued in numerical sequence for grading ease.

Feeling a little worried about kids who did websites. Encouraging them to have a counter for number of hits. Not sure how websites can really help anything much but willing to be surprised.


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