Carbon Foot Print Calculations

April 27, 2010 at 5:50 PM Leave a comment

Finally got the technology to work well enough to do a carbon footprint ‘quiz’ today. Had them predict first, using the ol’ ‘guess and check’ method. What’s a ‘carbon foot print’? first. Amazed at how many did not connect the dots with respiration, burning, fossil fuels, carbon dioxide and the greenhouse effect. Really amazed. But there you go, a term bandied about all the time that I’ll bet many people don’t understand. And seriously, do I remember how to do calculus? Don’t use it. Forgot…
Made a powerful change to the framing of ‘What could you do to reduce your carbon footprint?’ in the wrap-up:
If you ‘game’ the calculator, you can figure out that if you shiver in the cold, bake in the heat, live in a teeny house, never go anywhere and eat only raw vegetables from your garden, then you might get down just a little below 1 earth if everyone lived like you. Wow, that’s depressing. Thinking of people, billions of them, living that miserably. And that being ‘eco friendly’ sounds synonymous to ‘back to the dark ages, grovelling around in the dirt’.
So asked ‘what do you do that lowers your foot print a bit?’ For each idea, I asked ‘What are some OTHER advantages, for you and your family?’
Kids know that they get an interesting slice of life riding public transit, and can read without throwing up. The farmers market makes their moms happy because they have lots of satisfying chats with vendors and other moms out there too. Not so great if you are a kid, but then “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” And so on. Eco friendly often translates into more connection with your local community. And that’s what being 13 is all about. Or 50.

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