NYLC Conference: Interrobang “Missions”

March 27, 2010 at 3:10 PM Leave a comment

I’m REALLY jazzed about Microsoft/Smithsonian “Interrobang” mission-based projects across disciplines takes gaming/social networking into kids taking action on cross curricular issues.
  • Example: Mission to find how Iraq sees us. Actions: Find an Iraqi newspaper, use Bing Translator to read an article on say, President Obama. Then interview an Iraqi to see how they view the translation, the President and their view of the conflict. Report by writing it up online in the Interrobang form. It’ll be evaluated according to a rubric and awarded points up to the max for that level of project. Hope for involvement of experts ex. journalists etc. to give coaching feedback to students.
  • Input, comments on projects (moderated) plus the points thing for little prizes AND the quality of interesting challenges seem to really appeal to kids and adults alike. I wanted to get going on one, you know, just to show how smart and imaginative I am. Why? Just do.
    • Interrobang missions will launch end of April.  http://www.playinterrobang.com/ for demos. See www.playflashback.com and go to ‘demo’ at the bottom to see 6 examples of missions.
    • Points are based on the level of the mission and how well they met the rubric levels. Expert kids get ‘badged’ as mentors for other students. Microsoft product prizes are considered cool by James.
    • Some missions are already developed but with opportunity for teacher and students developing new (but peer-reviewed ones.)
    • Kids and teachers are playing way more than required. Little prizes for point targets…
    • I hope to share this with staff at Orinda Intermediate School if it’s ready in time for teachers to explore at the end of August. Will find out from allyknox@microsoft.com Ally Knox has championed this great idea from within Microsoft. Thanks Ally.

Amazing resources from the Smithsonian:

  • Data Bases http://si.edu for ex. leaves, insects, biodiversity, artefacts etc.
  • Problem Solving approaches by experts on issues like biodiversity, mystery of the universe, Valuing cultures, American identity etc. http://expert.si.edu
  • Education Programs and curriculum: http://smithsoinaneducation.org See excellent booklets for climate change in the fossil record, nature logs for close observation of outdoors, especially birds. (I have a set of 16)
  • Photography Bank and Photography Ed. I’ll be using this to introduce photography within the biodiversity unit, as evidence of action for TAP, and within the Light and Optics unit: http://photography.si.edu

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National Youth Leadership Conference Coolness! NYLC: Creativity, Service Learning and PBL

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