Sex ed contd: questions and misconceptions

March 16, 2010 at 7:29 PM Leave a comment

Those diagrams of the ‘bits’ in text books have this wierd, empty space in the middle of the uterus and the vagina. The testes are separated out so they show behind the penis. Imagine the girls surprise when they actually get a look at the real thing(s). All sorts of confusion about exactly how these disembodied diagrams actually map onto real bodies. We have a 3-D body model but it’s made in the US so has no reproductive organs. We call it ‘Pat’, after SNL character. Does anyone know where to find better and less than $1,000s cost models of this stuff?

The major question in the Question Box is ‘how big is the average 13 year old penis?’ or words to that effect. So an accurate drawing or model of the vagina would definitely allay some anxiety when they realize it’s a concertina-ed, muscular tube that will stretch around most sizes of penis and size just isn’t that important.

They didn’t know what ‘conception’ is, so ‘contraception’ would be a mystery. Several asked if you can have more than one sperm getting into an egg, more asked about if you can get pregnant again if you have sex while pregnant. And one guy wanted to know if the baby could get pregnant that way too. So while they roll their eyes when I ask them where babies come from, there are plenty of er, mis conceptions 🙂

We are having fun with the “Life’s Greatest Miracle” though. Courtship is the coolest – how to 1.Attract the opposite sex, and 2. SELECT the best one. Lots of hilarity there as 12 year old boys shared what they thought were great pick up lines and the girls rated them on an ice-skating scale. But then we got back to the serious business…

Balancing fun with a straightforward, just-a-part-of-life affect. My special challenge but so far, it seems fine and the question box is PACKED, anticipation of the birth scene and answering their questions are keeping them almost voluntarily coming back for more.

We need better HIV clips/dvds than we have. Any ideas from anyone? Any cool risk games you play? Love to hear from you. Sue


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