TAP 22 Start with the End in Sight

March 2, 2010 at 3:38 PM Leave a comment

We looked over last year’s tips (Act.17 sheet) that shows student advice we have implemented, so they see that they are listened to. They were surprised how much $ and time last year’s classes raised. Nice prompts to be sure to advertize their events or no one comes! – “Patience is key. You have to wait. You can’t expect people (customers or donors) to come to you straight away. Bring something to pass the time. But don’t have ear buds in or on one will come”.

So we discussed how to advertise events and wares. They are starting to think about using Facebook, e mail and group texting to publicize their events. We have a whole white board at the front of class for them to display their events and wares, and a calendar to keep dates straight.

Then had students each read out and grade a section of a poster modeled grading a (very good) project and sent them off to grade a couple more around the room.

I am RESISTING the temptation to read out the project guidelines, blah, blah, blah. Sleepy, overwhelmed kids just switching off. Sucking all the joy out of it! But it’s hard. I like to feel like I’m doing an A+ job and let’s face it, I like to feel in control.

Some cool projects popping up: Selling hand-painted pots with bee-friendly plants. Writing to legislators is being buzzed up because of the cool reply our congressman wrote on the poster we are evaluating. A make-over party for donations… Make a website with games and education about Pygmy Hippos and a link to donate to an NGO.

I’m going to get in a panel from business, local government and local press to help us with “How to Get Heard” for a lunchtime round table.

Still too many bake sales and kids just going to a food bank and that’s it. You don’t really need project planning to get in car, go to Martinez. Work for afternoon. So pushing them to do something more. Keep going back to “What do you love to do? How could you use that to help your cause?” I’m pretty tired by now… Figure if I push for specifics now, it will make it easier down the road.

What are you thinking about the practicality of running this project so far? What worries do you have?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.



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