TAP Proposals Coming In

March 1, 2010 at 3:59 PM Leave a comment

Every time I make a new sheet, I’m amazed at how what seems like a simple instruction can be misunderstood. A revised sheet will be uploaded to the web site shortly.

Basically, we want to know what, exactly, are kids planning to actually do? More than “A bake sale”, “Make a web site”, “Raise awareness”. I do feel a little impatient at this point, having spent a week or so trying to get them to think outside the box. Still lots of the same old, same old. Many are doing beach clean ups, a few lemonade stands, quite a few making something, lots of garage sales. Some just say “Fund raise”. I say if it was so easy to get money, there’d be no poor people.  BE SPECIFIC! grr, what else can I say?

I’m a bit feisty today, as you can see, and hurt a girl’s feelings when I was impatient with her idea of going door to door and asking for donations to the Red Cross. When calmed down, I talked to her later, and she couldn’t tell me one thing she liked doing, other than sleeping :-(. She said she is so stressed out about math homework that she doesn’t do anything else. Eventually, we figured out that she really likes making play lists for mp3 players – maybe she’ll offer to do that for people in exchange for a donation to the Red Cross. I’ll be her first customer. I really suck at that sort of thing! It hurts my heart to think she looks on this as one more damn thing to check off her overwhelming list. So glad I’m not 13 any more. Almost 50 in fact, on March 8th 🙂

Off to order a fancy birthday cake. Bye for now,  Sue


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