20. Student feedback so far.

February 22, 2010 at 2:59 PM Leave a comment

Kid’s journal entries are saying they didn’t really get fired up about TAP last week – mostly by omission, they are too polite to actually say something very negative (I bet they don’t like the forced teacher chat that goes with that all about CONSTRUCTIVE criticism being okay but not just general dissing!). But some weeks I’ve gotten several entries that say how jazzed they are about TAP.  A few comments about really liking each other’s ppts.

I think they will be relieved to actually get going on this! “Just do it” is more than the Nike moniker, it really does guide many of us and all this thinking it through feels like it’s bucking a significant cultural trend.

Use of Journals during Projects:

We ask students “How are you?” and “What did you learn last week?” I get a little window into their lives, pick up trouble in their lives and sometimes in their comprehension. And get to congratulate them about what ever achievement they’ve shared, inquire about something that sounds a little off, ask their opinion about recent movies they mention and give lots of little 🙂 faces for the sweet, cool and interesting stuff they share each week.

Journals are great for forcing a little reflection about what they actually did learn last week but your REALLY have to force this as they really resist looking back. Sort of a cultural thing I think. The reflection is useful to bring last week back into their working memory after a weekend.

During TAP or any longer term project, I also use the journals as a way to keep the project in their mind and to check in with their progress, help them problem solve difficulties and congratulate them when they have persisted in the face of a failure and learned from it. That’s the big one and can easily pass un noticed if you only pay attention to the end product. I guess that’s pretty much the key life lesson from project based learning. I’ll go back and underline and high light that, as much for me as for you!


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