17. Poverty, Population and Education at the root?

February 17, 2010 at 6:01 PM Leave a comment

Yesterday students made small cause and effect diagrams for their topic:

Then they did the big cause and effect webs on big paper in mixed up groups, to link their TAP problems.

Today, they came up with ideas for problems that popped up a lot and that had cause and effect arrows pointing away from them. They generated “Overpopulation”, “Poverty” most often. None came up with “over-consumption” – always difficult to see the mirror turned on ourselves.

Co-constructed a c and e web with overpopulation and overconsumption at the bottom, at the ‘root’ of the page, then had them tell me how their issue was linked to it. Here’s a snapshot:

Then asked groups to consider why many parents want to have lots of kids. Maybe should have also considered why people over consume. Doh! Anyway, they came up with sophisticated stuff as above. Finally, I dropped in “Education” and asked which things that could change and improve. Added in all kinds of arrows. It’s surprising how central an issue education, particularly of girls is. Nice literature link here to “Three Cups of Tea” by Greg Mortenson by the way.

Finished with having them find out if and where their TAP problem fits with global warming causes and effects – using 2 diagrams I made for them:

And effects of global warming:

They had to trace how chickens are sort of responsible for forest fires. Indirectly although playing with matches in the coop…

All the prompts are in TAP act.11 sheet.

So all this is aimed to help them use and do “Root Cause Analysis” in business-speak, and to see how health of the planet and our health is so closely tied.

Karen observed a class and said they seemed really interested and engaged in studying and making these diagrams and working out the connections. I’m glad because I was thinking I was just talk, talk, talking!

Tired though, time to go home! Sue


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