12. Sharing the World’s Problems with PowerPoint Presentations

February 8, 2010 at 1:51 PM Leave a comment

A scramble to get to powerpoints with finishing up some genetics sheets and it being a mystery minimum day – we don’t know why but, hey, nice to have the afternoon off! Crazy with classes though. Very little high level thinking goes on with such short periods.

School scheduling, there’s a hot potato that really influences how kids learn and the depth vs breadth that can be taught. As well as the practicality of project based learning. I’m really into some kind of block scheduling…

I was disappointed in the level of information in their powerpoints today. Kids who had not understood global warming or what ‘cause’ or ‘effect’ means. It really had not occurred to me that these words are unclear.

When I am feeling pressured, I am a little less kind when critiquing their work and need to really watch that. The point is to TEACH them to be better presenters and not to crush their enthusiasm. But it DOES need to be accurate so I have to comment on that.

I get the overwhelming feeling that most of them are just trying to get the points and are therefore not really getting the real point. I’m not hearing passionate talks about stuff they clearly care about… yet.

Maybe tomorrow will be better. It will be. Oh, I forgot, we have a full evacuation drill tomorrow – another rushed period. But maybe the day after THAT! 🙂

Mrs. Mediocrity aka Sue


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