TAP 11: Introducing the PowerPoints

January 29, 2010 at 4:28 PM Leave a comment

Nice to be back on the blog. Karen and I got out of step so had to wait a few days so our kids could all start the ppts together (Wth kids being partners across classes, we have to be extra careful to keep schedules, rubrics etc. consistent.)

We assigned it so they would have two weekends to complete it in – they already have the information from their research in the library and on the web. Mostly they need to find great pics, or take them and organize their thoughts a bit.

Their challenge today: Make a short, accurate powerpoint to educate and inspire others to take action on your problem!

Only spent about 20-25 minutes introducing this, resisted the urge to beat it to death!

I wanted to inspire them to get excited and get started. Framed it as “Say you made a powerpoint so great that kids in the class thought Hey, I’m going to be the lights-off nazi at home! , or got kids to donate money to help Haiti, or whatever your problem is.” Reminded how they better be enthusiastic and passionate or choose a different problem!

Asked them “When do people try to persuade you to change your mind, buy something or do something?” Lots of responses like “Ads, friends, parents and teachers. “So what really turns you off?” And the usual litany of too much text, monotone and can’t read the type, with a few, more insightful ideas like “Their graphs and info don’t relate to their title.” and  “Bad facts make me not believe anything they say.”

BTW, polled them for who likes making ppts and it’s overwhelming how many DO. I mean, it’s work but they like it anyway, so, cool.

Then showed the PowerPoint template uploaded on my homework web page (also in the “Teacher Resources” page under “Research” on www.takeactioncurriculum.org) and went over the boxed requirements only. The rest of the blurb is in the template.

Ended with having them grade a not-great ppt from last year using the rubric.

We went page by page, they held up fingers for points out of 5, then I said what I thought and why. They really like trashing other people’s stuff. Self-righteousness, such a guilty pleasure…  But this time, maybe in a good cause so they truly realize what is expected and feel inspired to do better. Some of the ppts like the Polar Bear one, look slick until you actualy read the content… My personal battle against BS (bad science). Fun to watch them be so dismissive until it’s their powerpoint on the stand.

Noticed that kids were chomping at the bit to get going on this powerpoint when their research had been done. Would be ideal to start it within a day or two. But this will be fine. A few are already stressing about the poster but noooo, this is not the big, scary poster….yet. Poor things, I wonder if they have been scarred by a Sugar-Cube Mission Model project due the day after tomorrow with no instructions. Have to constantly re-assure students, special ed staff and some parents that kids will have lots of support all along the way.

Happy Friday, see you on the due date – Monday 8th of Feb.



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