TAP 7: Who’s doing what for TAP?

January 15, 2010 at 5:50 PM 1 comment

The big decisions for who to work with and what to study was down to the wire today. A flutter of Post-its at the start of class for us all see who was doing what with whom. Post-its are the bomb. I could quickly group them by big picture stuff like global warming (a few), habitat destruction (deforestation and coral reefs ‘specially popular), extinctions (turtles, polar bears and cats of all kinds, smattering of sea otters), hunger, sanitation, malaria, vaccines and fresh water were pretty popular because they really feel for kids in need. A few chose more Western diseases like cancer and anorexia (an issue in our community). Three or four are doing disaster relief in Haiti.

Trash is always a big one, and confusing because what, exactly is the problem that picking up trash will solve? We push them to land fill issues, the effects on wild life, ocean pollution in general, and the using of resources for packaging and manufacture. But basically, they want to go to creeks and beaches with their friends and pick up a little trash and have a party. Who wouldn’t?

There is huge interest in the oceans and very little realization of the desperate state of our fisheries. One student teased me for suggesting kids go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for research with a friend, and then make their parents take them to lunch at Bubba Gumps. “Like you go there and eat the beautiful creatures you’ve just seen swimming around next door.” Then we considered a trip to the zoo and a steak afterwards. Or maybe a trip to the landfill and McDonald’s after :-). Having a hard time getting my mind off meatloaf for dinner…

Next year, we need to have more books around sanitation, hunger and trash related issues. Should have checked first, doh. So, so helpful for them to start with an elementary reading level book before moving into the high level text they will find on the internet. Makes the whole start to research seem much more fun too. Thanks to Pat Solkowski for making this all happen, so great to have colleagues to share the ride with.

They recognize the research sheet (Act.7) from the disease report last quarter. Helpful to have that lead-in. Less stress, more kids actually doing what they are supposed to. Well, maybe not ALL. Pyjama day after all, and Friday before the long week end.

Glad to be going home, aaah, Friday.



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Project Learning Research and Example from Oracle Day 9: Research day 2

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  • 1. Karen Snelson  |  January 19, 2010 at 5:14 PM

    I’m stealing the post it idea.



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