TAP Day 6 contd.: Act. 5 – A bit of research, cause-and-effect diagrams, and The Relationship Game.

January 12, 2010 at 8:36 PM 1 comment

Wikipedia rules for a little research-lite, just dipping a toe in to an issue of their choice. They used the info on say, coral reef destruction, to make a cause-and-effect diagram, a super handy way of taking notes. They seemed to get it with very little trouble and didn’t even seem to mind doing it that much. See TAP Act.5 “Choosing a Problem to Take Action On!”

And then the activity had to be revised – it didn’t work in 1st period to have kids fool around with their cause and effect cut-outs in big tables. Confusing and dull. So 3d period went the kinesthetic, whole body response way, otherwise known as a game. The ‘Relationship Game’… how fun does that sound? (Sorry 1st period 😦 )

One cute, popular girl stands on the coffee table with her cause and effect card. Her partner projects their card on the camera and other kids – her friends and the cool boys in this case, vie to join her on the coffee table by telling us how their issue is in fact, related. Good thing it’s a sturdy table that will take at least 17 kids clinging to each other. We have pics to prove it. Then repeat with quirky boy.  And it turns out, you’ll be shocked to hear, that most of the issues do relate to each other. A few even speculated that human population is at the root of it all…

This actually happened yesterday but there were too many cute sayings from their journals and 2Q test and I really don’t want to bore you with too, too much verbiage each evening.

We are taking a break til Friday when the library is free for them to start their research. In the mean time, we are slipping in a little sex and genetics.

The first spatterings of rain on the black windows, trees tossing and heaving on the winter wind. So glad to have somewhere safe and warm out of the storm.

Hoping you do too. See you Friday evening.



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TAP Day 6: 2Qs Assessment, Journals and Animal Farts Project Learning Research and Example from Oracle

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  • 1. Karen Snelson  |  January 14, 2010 at 5:07 PM

    The kids jumped in and were able to find definations of their problem but slowed down and had to be nudged to read articles from the Wikipedia references.

    Several decided in the middle to change topics (better now than later).

    Followed up next day with tossing a ball of string to each other who had similar problem, cause or effect to make a web, worked well. Getting them to relate the problem, cause, or effect to our curriculum was like pulling teeth.

    They are starting to clump with in each class around a problem eg half of my 3rd period are doing something on marine pollution, fisheries, or raft of plastic in the ocean.
    My 7th period has a high number doing species extinction of one from or another. Social? Getting pairs in same class with similar interest. They are anixious to start.

    Next step will be to research their problem in the library.



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