TAP Day 5: What’s right with the world?

January 8, 2010 at 7:35 PM Leave a comment

UNICEF, ARF pet rescue, beaches, sunsets and mountains of places they love, lots of cool green tech, especially tiny cars and solar panels. Quite a few of Obama. Wonder if he knows how many children believe in him?  One girl brought in pictures of people she loves, and people in love because that’s what’s right with the world J. And one boy said he doesn’t care about anything in the rest of the world. He has to pretend, still has to do a project!

The posters were much better than the usual homework, several told me how long they spent. Nice to have a little time to chat and be a clairvoyant – “I see rescuing animals from extinction and photography in your future..” etc.

Gathered around the front for the final picture show. Really important to have clear transitions with seating and class configuration to mark different parts of the lesson. We have old coffee tables near the my table at the front so they can gather around and put their feet up. Makes it feel friendly and it’s good for bringing the class together.

Glad I lightened up the final slide show so there’s some funny stuff in there too. Took about 15 minutes and was a nice way to summarize what we’ve been doing this first week and send them off to their weekend to consider what they want to do.

I just love the art form of slide shows – ideas and images, matches the two sides of my brain. Add in some music and brr, I feel like a film director! About as near as I’ll ever get :-).

My young skeptic was really in my face again today.  His poster was about astronomy because that’s what’s right with the world… I don’t quite get it either. I guess he’s pretty mad. Waiting for the almost inevitable parent conference to come my way. Luckily have principal back up. But it does make me feel cautious and defensive, a little less enthusiastic.

Check out some pics from the first week of TAP: http://sueboudreau.smugmug.com/School/Take-Action-Project/10894061_Z8QPE#760430105_YBxox

Hmm, cross country skiing tomorrow? Weather looks iffy but going anyway! Hope you had a good first week back too.



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