TAP Day 4: Inspiration from the United Nations Millennium Development Goals

January 7, 2010 at 8:34 PM 2 comments

Fun to hear what the issues they’re starting to get excited about at the start of classes – The fish population and dolphin-safe tuna, beautiful pools drying up on Maui, cool cars that run on compressed air, that Priuses take A LOT of energy to make which offsets their ‘greenness’.

You know there is a ton of back room negotiation going on about who is working with whom. Shared how fun it is to work with someone you really enjoy, like say, Anne, Karen and Kurt (who is not only the guy who helped with the project management aspect of TAP and completely coincidentally my husband too – thanks, sweetie 🙂 )

Such a relief to be getting to the hope and action piece because now we can joke around in class a little. Also got to share the relief I felt when I discovered the UNMDG, thank you for that too, Anne. All these august organizations, thousands of people working together to lift the poorest of the poor, and make measurable, attainable progress on the 8 development goals by 2015. So wonderful to see that the problems of the world have been sensibly systematized, so good for the kids to see scientific methodology used in the service of humanity.

Someone in every class said how shocked they were at the number of people lacking basic sanitation, at the infant mortality rate in developing nations, at the vast amount of humanity who are hungry. Clearly many have been talking to their parents about world issues.

A STUDENT-centered day was also really welcome, for them as much as me I imagine! I love going around and seeing how each of them are doing. Took some nice shots too. Will figure out how to upload one or two each day soon. Really love doing that, capturing how intent they look, seeing them talking about science to each other. It’s the best. And they don’t seem to mind, actually I think they like being ‘models’ (They had their parents sign the ‘model release form’).

Cool winter night, tired from climbing at the gym, having fun watching the cat play with the blind pull – amazing how much fun you can have with simple things…



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  • 1. Karen Snelson  |  January 14, 2010 at 4:52 PM

    After figuring out how to find there way around the site, and getting the laptops to work (3periods later), it was more interesting. The site has changed where the Quick facts are and maps.

    Next time, I’ll modle just looking around and make sure they have the whole period. I need to rewrite sheet to be more consistant with this year’s site. Now they will have a good source for TAP projects that fall under the Goals.


  • 2. sueboudreau  |  February 19, 2010 at 8:28 AM

    We should include another activity “What do the UNMDGs look like LOCALLY?” to encourage local issues which allow them to take direct action. The kind of action that seemed to give the most satisfaction according to last year’s kids. Thanks for the suggestion, Karen. Sue



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